TV Friends vs. Movie Friends



Every now and then, as a younger lad, I would get bored watching television. I'd wonder, what movies are stockpiled in my shelf? Briefly glimpsing through the shelf, alright, I've seen these movies to death, now back to my boredom of channel surfing.

Flipping once more through the channels, low and behold, Forrest Gump is on, perhaps I'll watch it. Now the film switches to commercials, and it dawns on me, I already have this tape stockpiled in my shelf.

Why sit here and watch commercials when I can just put the tape in? Gggggggg, ahhhhh, eeeeeekkkkkk, I can't, can't do it, the hand won't budge. I really dislike commercials more than anything, but I just can't bring myself to put the tape in. And to this day I'm still puzzled by this phenomenon, I'll sit and watch a television movie with commercials instead of taking the time to put the tape in.

It recently occurred to me, that this is exactly how many of our friendships work. If a person sees someone they know, they'll perhaps chat, hang out, or have a laugh. If the hanging out is in conjunction with another event, even better.

But to meet with a friend specifically outside of randomness, is more rare. Even if a person may want to watch this movie, there is an innate resistance similar to one preferring to watch television with commercials as opposed to putting the same tape in.

Don't settle for watching commercials. Overcome your resistance and put the tape in.