Why School Sucks and You Should Drop Out

Have you ever felt that what you do on a daily basis has little significance? This is no coincidence. Although we cannot see them in our world, there exist a number of different planes. A plane is a type of dimension with certain rules character to it's existence. To understand the idea of a plane, you simply need to look to midgets or really tall people and the difficulties they face.

In geometry class when I was fifteen, my teacher asked why there can't theoretically be giants like in the movies or really short people, like fairies. Nobody in the class knew why.

It was a difficult concept for us fifteen year olds to grasp. Pythageorm's theorem states that in any right triangle the sides a2+b2=c2. Because of this law, the mass of an object grows exponentially when the length of it's sides are increased. Even though a six foot person is only twice as tall as a 3 foot person, their mass would typically be three times as much. As such, twelve foot tall people cannot exist because their blood can't properly circulate nor would they be able to walk.

Although midgets live in our world, they live under different rules to their physical existence. Gravity is different for them. They can do back flips and gymnastics easier. Gymnasts in the Olympics average around 5 feet tall. They're less prone to back or neck pain, and their blood circulates easier.

Midgets aren't really on a different plane though. Shrink it down to the size of bacteria, and it's a different plane. The physical properties of a bacteria's world are entirely different from our world.

The same is true for galaxies, planets, stars, black holes, and the universe. The objects in this world are so large that the properties of this world are entirely different from our world.

With people, there exists a non-verbal plane that affects the way we interact with others. Just as you learn to speak, write and read, it's also important to master the ways of the non-verbal plane. Some people have mastered the workings of this plane better than others.

There also exists an incredibly destructive and terrible plane. On this plane exists the Nothing. What is the Nothing exactly? Just as it's defined, it's nothing at all, a plane with absolutely nothing.

The thing with planes is that the properties of one plane will affect other planes.
We're not on the planes of bacteria or stars, but they nevertheless affect our existence.

Similarly, the Nothing affects everything that we do.

A Lesson in Trigonometry

When I was sixteen, I started trigonometry where we started learning about Cosine
Law, Sine, and Tangent.

While one could rationalize the purpose of learning addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc, the further up the math ladder one got, the harder it became to rationalize the purpose of the lessons.

Algebra then Geometry then Trigonometry, finally there was a classroom revolt.

Why are we learning Trigonometry Ms. Suiter? What is the purpose, asked the class.

She couldn't explain it. She merely said that it was needed later for Calculus, and that it was too difficult to explain why you would need it.

A Tale of Abraham Lincoln

When Abraham Lincoln was a child, legend has it he would chop wood for a dollar a day. One day, a man from the other side of town offered 5 dollars a day to work for him.

Abe went to the man's house, and the man brought him to a pile of logs. He gave Abe an axe and said turn it around. I want you to hit the dull end of the axe against the log. Continue doing it all day. The pay is 5 times what you were making before.

Would you take the job?

After one day Abe quit and went back to his old job of chopping wood for a dollar a day. Beating the dull end of an axe against a log had no purpose. And though the pay was more, the job with purpose was more enjoyable.

Justification of Purpose and the Mind

Our subconscious is structured so that it rewards us for doing things useful. It works best when purpose is kept simple, is neither too far into the future, nor complicated with "extra kinks."

Chopping Wood > Purpose > Firewood to cook meals.

Dear Hunting > Purpose > Food

Trigonometry > Purpose > Needed later for Calculus > Calculus is needed to passCollege > People with a college degree earn more over their lifetimes than people without college degrees.

While on a conscious level you might understand that it's important to learn trigonometry, you don't have direct control over your subconscious. Maybe you're not really convinced what your doing is useful? Maybe this impairs your ability to learn trigonometry? Maybe it impairs you're ability to get through school? Maybe it impairs your life?

School and B.S. Theory

A huge problem with the English language, is that there is no politically correct word for the term bullshit.

Suppose you have a group of people. If you enact a rule, it will benefit 70% of the people in the group. However, it will harm 30% of them. Accordingly, you have a net benefit of 40%, so overall it is better if the rule is enacted.

An example could be, not allowing dogs on the beach without a leash. Maybe your dog is extremely talented and even made it on David Letterman's stupid pet tricks. Overall however, it's deemed a net benefit because there are other dogs that misbehave. You however, ended up on the loosing side of the rule, or shall we say, the B.S. side.

We live in a society with law and order, where government makes the rules. It is no coincidence then, that the most B.S. can be found in government. It makes the rules that harm the remaining 30%.

The problem that we encounter with B.S. Theory, is that in a society with thousands of laws and regulations, you're bound to be on the B.S side for an awful lot of rules.

In fact, you may find yourself falling on the B.S. side more often than the average

Inefficiency of School

School in general is setup with the benefit of the group in mind. It is not well tailored to the individual, particularly because limited resources require about 1 teacher for every 25 students. Due to this focus on the group as a whole, close to 30%-40% of the things you do in school are B.S. Maybe it's even higher than that, maybe closer to 80-90%. But, sometimes you have go through 9 items of B.S. to get 1 thing of value.

Someone should be asking, how can we try to eliminate as much B.S. as possible from our schools and government to minimize the damage done to the 30%? The fact that there is no politically correct term for bullshit makes this difficult.

B.S. Degree as a "Fitness Indicator."

Some people do not tolerate B.S. well, nor do they tolerate purposes with many "kinks" in the chain before you find the benefit.

Employers place high value on college degrees when hiring. One of the reasons, is that in any given job, there will be a certain amount of B.S. to tolerate. People with college degrees can tolerate higher levels of B.S. than people without degrees. Therefore, they are likely to function better on the job. This is why a degree could be likened to a "fitness indicator."

While they may tell you a B.S degree stands for Bachelor of Science, now that you've read my article, you know what it really stands for.

The problem with fitness indicators, is that they come at a very high price. To go through 4-5 years of B.S. just to show employers that you can tolerate it well. (Granted, a degree does have many other benefits, but a "fitness indicator" is a very important if not primary function of a degree.)

What Was I Getting At?

Eventually the B.S. can accumulate to highly damaging levels, to the point that,
between school and work and getting up in the morning, that there is no longer any
purpose that our subconscious feels is relevant.

This accumulation brings our minds closer to the plane of the Nothing.

The emptiness that we feel when doing things our subconscious doesn't find worth
wild, is caused by the Nothing. Just as the moon's gravitational pull affects our
world by causing the tides to change, the Plane of the Nothing influences our
school's by making them less inefficient, alters our government's to make it more
corrupt, and causes families to become dysfunctional. It affects society by making
people cynical, mean and bitter. It's clouding effect, invisible to you and I,
slowly settles over people altering the way they think. Drugs, murder, crime, abuse,
most of the negative things in our world are influenced by the Plane of the Nothing.
It is emptiness, it is oblivious, it is all encompassing destructive.

For many years, I've philosophized about the concept of the Nothing, trying to get
as far away from it as possible, but never able to. In a way, I considered it a
primary goal to destroy the Nothing's influence from my life and act against it
whenever I see it in others and society.

Church and The Nothing

Everyone I know and grew up with in California, seems to have a similar opinion on
the church, that it's horribly boring and an utter waste of time. I was forced to go
to church as a child as were many of my friends. Every Sunday bored out of my mind,
so many better things to do. Everywhere I looked, I saw husbands complaining of the
obligation to go to church when they'd rather be watching a football game. An
obligation, that's how church was defined. The wife of many households, it seemed,
would want the entire family to go to church because it was "nice." I was never
given a further explanation on why I should go to church nor was anyone ever able to
provide one for me.

I stopped going to church after growing taller than my mom, but I had a lingering
hatred for the church. The boringness every single Sunday for so many years, I could
only conclude that the Nothing was in collaboration with the church.

As an atheist though, it seemed easy to rationalize the purpose of the church. A
center for the community and a place to meet and hangout with people. The entire
institution of church however, was horribly flawed at this. Instead of meeting for a
party, movie, pool, basketball, food, something exciting every Sunday, everyone
would get together to be bored out of their mind for an hour and then go home.

Atheists we're similarly flawed though, in that they had no institution to go to on
Sundays. As a business student in free market, capitalist and corporate America, it
always seemed odd that no one had created an alternative to church without the
boringness of God.

Defeating the Nothing

The strongest deflections of the Nothing appeared to be friendships, relationships,
and love. But even these had in them, the cloudiness of the Nothing hovering nearby.
Dysfunctional families, degenerate friends, incompatible relationships.

Would the Nothing ever be defeated? Was it even possible? Was anything powerful enough?

A Plane of Perfection

There exists a plane that cannot be seen, where God exists. This plane similarly
affects our world, just like the moon's gravitational pull, just like the Plane of
the Nothing. The plane where God exists is virtuous, it is righteous, it is all
encompassing utter perfection. And though I didn't realize if for all of those
years, connecting with God is the key to defeating the Nothing.

It is not always easy connecting with God though.

Degeneracy of the Real World and the Nothing's Clouding Effect

The world isn't a perfect place. We're surrounded by imperfection. We have bills to
pay, families to manage, classes to pass, jobs to work, relationships to maintain,
B.S. to tolerate, and through it all sinful people surround us.

Though we don't realize it, the flaws in our everyday world create a degenerating
affect on ourselves. Through this degeneracy small clouds will eventually form above
us on an invisible plane. The clouds are part of the force behind the Nothing, and
they inhibit our ability to connect with God.

There can come a point, where a person's environment becomes so surrounded by the
degeneracy of the real world, that the Nothing becomes impossible to resist even for
the most devoted Christian.

Though the ultimate key to removing the clouds is to connect with God, sometimes in
order to do this, we need to surround ourselves with a certain amount of positive,
regenerating influence.

This regenerative influence, is supposed to be the Church, regenerating us once a
week, and likewise getting us closer to God, in order to resist the degenerating
effects of everyday life and the cloudiness of the Nothing.

Thus, an important philosophical question to ask, is between the children brought to
church with their parents, and the spouses obligated to go for the family, and the
collective Christian Alumni, how many people go to church and feel Nothing?

How can we eliminate the Nothing from our Church? How can eliminate it from our
society and from our lives?

Do you have any clouds?

The Nothing equals Lucifer.