YoU ArE PSyChoLoGicaLly IMbaLanCeD

Is there an area in your life that you’d like to change for the better? Something that’s technically within your grasp, and yet cannot be achieved. Perhaps you want to loose weight? Stop smoking? Be more extroverted? Stop being chronically late? Go to bed on time to avoid being tired in the morning? There is perhaps an infinite number of ways we could improve our lives for the better but we just can’t seem to do it…..

No movie better illustrates this fact than Fight Club, one of the reasons it’s so commonly cited as a favorite movie among young males.

Tyler Durden says to himself:

"I look like you wanna look, I fuck like you wanna fuck, I’m smart, capable, and most importantly, I’m free in all the ways you wish you could be."

Your free will has limits. You are psychologically imbalanced. You need treatment.

Your logic is the part of you that says you should stop smoking, exercise more, be more charming, watch less tv, more outgoing, less lazy, or anything else that you desire which theoretically can be achieved.

Your innate is the part of you that keeps you up until 3am on a school/work night, keeps you smoking, keeps you procrastinating, keeps you fat and lazy, keeps you from getting over that abuse or molestation that took place years ago, lowers your confidence, and all the other degenerative behavior that you know is detrimental to you over the long run but can’t stop doing anyways.

Nature never trusted letting you make all the decisions alone.

In order to be the best that you can be, to achieve your “golden mean” you must cure your psychological imbalance….that is, whenever innate tries to control you into doing something your logic knows is not best for you, you must not only resist….(you can’t anyhow) but you must get innate’s full cooperation in doing what logic knows is best.

Pretend for a second that in another universe far away, there is another earth, and another person just like you…..

What are the odds this person is more successful than you? 50/50?

Imagine that there are a million parallel you’s. What are the odds you’re in the top 50 percent in terms of success? Top 10%? The best out of a million?

While you can’t be the best out of everyone else in society, the idea is to be the “best” with the cards you’re dealt. That is, to be the best out of a million parallel you’s.

Do you have acne? To ugly to be popular? Can’t get girls? Not enough confidence? We’ve all seen the one ugly guy or girl that somehow manages to remain popular and successful with the opposite sex. If you remove your psychological imbalance by perfecting the relationship between your innate and logic, you can do anything. Simply knowing you’ve perfected the innate – logic relationship, whereas 96% of the attractive people have not, will give you the confidence to outperform them.

Perfecting the relationships between innate and logic and reaching your “golden mean” is not easy. I’ve only thought of one way powerful enough, though perhaps there are others.

Religion as a Blight Against Degenerative Behavior.

Before you slam the door and stop reading, just hear me out.

History has shown that religion has the power to make men do quite extraordinary and sometimes crazy things.

“True believers.”

In the United States and Europe today, only a small percentage of people can be classified as “true believers.”

Even if you want to believe in heaven, and Christ, and getting saved, this doesn’t make it happen. Your logic wanting to believe isn’t going to change anything. Your innate is what needs to believe.

True believers have managed to convince their innate’s, whereas non-believers have failed in this respect.

If your innate believes in something, it’s behavior will be modified. If your innate believes that certain things are “sinful” its behavior will be steered away from such things.

The bible sets guidelines for behavior that was considered enlightening, or the opposite of degenerative at the time.

I propose that any actions where innate does not cooperative with logic are degenerative and sinful. The devil’s corruptive influence is all around us. After all, 33% of the US population is obese. The devil’s gott’em hook, line, and sinker.

If religion is powerful enough to convince men to strap bombs to themselves in suicide attacks, then it has the power to balance the innate – logic relationship. If your innate believes in heaven and it wants to get it, it better listen logic. Better yet, you’ll have heaven on earth if you can perfect your innate – logic relationship because you’ll be successful. Fail, and maybe you’ll lead an average life, or worse, hell on earth.

Only first you (innate) has to believe………..