Female Personality Deficit Disorder




What makes a song sound good? What makes a painting look attractive? What makes a dancer talented or a comedian a funny? I hypothesis, that there exists a highly complex algorithm in the mind, which is certainly influenced by culture and one’s upbringing, which makes a song or painting appeasing to the ears or eyes.

The typical rule of thumb is that it must be difficult to perform in order to be appeasing to ones eyes or ears. These might be described as “fitness indicators,” demonstrating that the person performing them is in good health due to the difficulty of the task.

The Algorithm of Language

I was once told that the name Steven is pronounced Stefan in Ukrainian. Likewise, Germany in German is pronounced Deutschland, and Mexico in Spanish is pronounced Me-hi-co.

While it makes sense that verbs or nouns would be pronounced differently in another language, why did the name of a country like Deutschland have to be translated into Germany when pronounced in English? Why doesn’t everyone around the world just refer to Deutschland as Deutschland?

There is an algorithm in the mind that dictates the art of language. When there is a new invention such a computer mouse or spam email, how does a society name the new invention? Why didn’t we come to call a computer mouse a “tricket” instead, or email spam a “trig.” The new word must have a certain level of compatibility with our mind’s algorithm for whatever definition of the word should sound like. The French or German algorithm is different from the English one.

Blue Ray vs. HDDVD

I’ve always been annoyed by the fact VHS tapes fit the entire screen of my television while DVDs do not. Get a wide screen television they told me. I did, and I still loose 30% of my screen with black bars on the top and bottom. I thought DVDs were supposed to improve upon the older VHS format, unfortunately the DVD people were incompetent.

They still are.

A new format is emerging that will replace the DVD. The difference? The picture actually fits the entire wide screen television. It’s called Blue Ray and HDDVD. The electronic companies couldn’t agree on a format, so now there are two formats competing to gain acceptance as the next generation DVD.

The problem? HDDVD is a tongue twisting name that doesn’t fit the algorithm of our language. It’s like the WNBA. The purpose of abbreviating is to reduce the number of syllables in a word, accept “W” has 3 syllables whereas “Women’s” has two, thereby Women’s NBA is a more appropriate description than WNBA.

As such, Blue Ray has a big advantage over HDDVD when it comes to marketing the name.

Male-Female Algorithms

With a significant other, there is some sort of algorithm just like language or song or dance. The two parts must synchronize well together just like the notes of a song or the colors of a painting. Painting a masterpiece was never easy though.

Personality Deficit Disorder

You may have heard various fairy tales relating to a Dragon and Princess. A beautiful Princess is guarded by a Dragon, and only men willing to risk their lives by slaying the Dragon have a chance at being with her. The Princess is a 10 both in terms of her looks and her personality. The significance of this is that, not only must the suitor be talented enough to slay the Dragon, but he must desire the Princess enough that he would risk his life.

The problem in today’s age, is that absent of a Dragon other things tend to form as a barrier to the Princess.

And one of those is……… A dull personality.

Trade Deficits and the Difficulties of Pursuit

In the Princess-Dragon model, the princess falls for the Prince because he fulfills two requirements:

1) He is very talented (and proves this by slaying the dragon.)
2) He is willing to take great risk to be with her.

Therefore, our modern Princes of today should try to fulfill these two requirements when seeking a Princess. Without a Dragon however, our Princess will unfortunately find herself hit upon by many suitors. She must therefore be highly discriminatory towards them, and does this by requiring the suitors to maintain high "trade deficits."

A "trade deficit" is when a person is being more extroverted towards someone than what they get in return. Being continually more extroverted is difficult, therefore, the larger the trade deficit the more difficult it is for men to maintain it.

This trade barrier, could be compared to the Dragon of the modern world.

A theoretical model would be a Princess with a trade barrier of 20 points and the following suitors:

Suitor A: rated 10 in talent and 5 in his risk toleration to be with her.
Suitor B: rated 5 in talent and 10 in his risk toleration to be with her.
Suitor C: rated 10 in talent and 10 in his risk toleration to be with her.

Because suitor A has 10 talent points, the Princesses trade barrier is reduced from 20 points to 10 points. He tries to pursue her but decides to give up once her barrier has 5 points remaining.

Suitor B would likewise give up once reaching a 5 point barrier. Suitor C however, would have the talent and risk toleration to overcome a 20 point trade deficit, thereby, wooing the Princess.

Getting a Guy to be Committed

One reason why slaying a Dragon has significance, is that it shows the suitor is willing to be committed to the Princess. He’s not about to go through the trouble of slaying a Dragon just to have a one-night stand. The large trade barrier has a similar purpose, but it’s unfortunately highly flawed.

With the Dragon, the suitors still have great respect and admiration for the Princess. They just don’t like the Dragon. However, when the Dragon is a large trade deficit, many suitors will leave not only disinterested in the Princess, but with less admiration and respect for the Princess as well.

In a case like Suitor C, he had just enough talent and risk to obtain the Princess. The question that remains is, did the trade deficit leave him with any lingering dislike of the Princess that would affect his desire to stay committed?

A Skillful Princess

As a Princess, by definition it will be difficult to obtain you. However, as a skillful Princess, it is your job to make sure that the difficulties in attaining you are projected on external forces rather than your personal flaws.

This is not as easy as it sounds. Most women are not totally conscience of the things they do that make it difficult to obtain them. This inevitably leads them to making mistakes where guys attribute this difficulty to flaws in the Princess.

A clear-cut example of this would be standing a guy up on a date. This has happened to myself on numerous occasions. However, as all Princesses are difficult to obtain, I frequently will continue to pursue them after I’ve been stood up anyways.

However, if I do eventfully obtain the Princess, I will of course remember the time I was stood up, and I will be resentful….counting it as a flaw in her personality, and it will deteriorate my desire to stay committed.

Having a cold and dull personality is another example, yet this is where it gets tricky. What is the difference between requiring large trade deficits and having a dull personality? While it sounds like it might be easy to distinguish between the two, in truth, most guys strongly correlate lower trade deficits with a nicer and more generative personality.

In order to be the ideal Princess, you want to be rated 10 for personality. Yet, if you have no barriers you run the risk of loosing your Princess status. How does one maintain Princess status while still getting marks of 10 for personality?

Like trying to paint a masterpiece or write a hit song, the answer is, it just isn’t easy.